Faassé        cül-music™
I have quite a collection to place up here, both old and new music. CÜL-MUSIC™ is full of good energy, eclectic rhythms, syncopation and strong beats. One thing you will notice is the use of counter point in underlying melodies woven through the fabric of some music compositions.
There are many complexities to CÜL-MUSIC™ . It’s meant to heal the spirit, inspire the mind, invigorate the soul and activate the brain waves - alpha, beta, delta and theta. This isn’t boring new age music, it's experimental music with a mixture of music styles, from jazz, classical, rock new age all fused together. Some find it hallucinogenic, calming, activating, healing, energetic... it’s cool music! Enjoy!
cül-music, music composer Keep out Hey, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy my music.